Help Desk Support

Monifi Technology Group, LLC. operates a dedicated 24/7 call-center for live help and advice regarding issues ranging from website navigational support, internet and device connectivity, and other computer-related queries to general product information and customer support. We have live experts working on a 24-hour, 7-day a week basis.

24/7 Help Desk Support

Are IT troubles putting a strain on our company’s productivity? If so, it’s time to seek assistance with managing your business’s unique IT infrastructure. Today, many companies rely on IT support, also known as managed IT services, to help ensure that everything relating to information technology runs smoothly. Implementing a 24/7 help desk staffed with knowledgeable IT industry professionals is an effective way to boost productivity, forecast IT issues, and minimize existing problems. Our support services can help you gain a competitive edge in your industry while also giving you more control over anticipated IT costs.

IT Support and Your Business

Cutting-edge technology is used every day by businesses who seek to maintain a top position in their industry. The ever-evolving world of technology requires a team of response help desk experts who can quickly deliver solutions to unexpected problems. Businesses of all sizes can benefit from technical support by eliminating the need to build and manage in-house support.


24/7 help desk support services can:

  • Help your business meet or exceed industry standards
  • Reduce the need for internal IT resources and staff
  • Free up time which you can then spend on other business objectives
  • Minimize business interruptions while boosting employee productivity
  • Gain you access to a helpful, US-based tech support team


With help desk support, you can acquire a wide range of technical support, such as network troubleshooting, software installation, hardware configuration, data backup and recovery, and virus/spyware removal. You can also save time and money by outsourcing help instead of hiring new IT employees. Outsourcing IT support is a faster and cost-effective approach to building an invaluable help desk.

From system errors and network problems to difficulties using an app or device, our round-the-clock help desk has your back. Allow us to resolve your IT issues quickly so that you can return back to work and complete your objectives without obstacles standing in your way. Our experienced team of IT professional is comprised of certified US-based information technology experts, backed by top-level specialists.


What makes our help desk services so popular is the ability to connect with IT professionals when you need help most. Unlike traditional support desks with scheduled work hours and inexperienced operators, our help desk is available day or night to ensure that our customers receive professional and immediate support without the cost of additional overhead. Help desk services are available via phone, web chat, email, or our secure web portal. Not to mention that EVERYONE you talk to is local, and can be at your location
within the hour.


IT issues often arise without warning and can have an immediate impact on your business operations. Networks can become inaccessible, emails can stop working, and software can go rogue. Without a fast and effective solution, you could lose hours or even days of productivity and thus profits. There is no way to ever anticipate problems or threats to your company. Our help desk services can ensure that these issues are dealt with quickly and with as little as impact as possible to your business operations.


Maintaining an IT support staff can be a time-consuming and expensive proposition for most small and medium sized businesses. By implementing professional 24/7 help desk support you can focus on your business while leaving IT support to the IT experts.

Help Desk Support

Gain instant access to a team of IT experts without paying additional costs. Our round-the-clock help desk support services are included in the package, eliminating the need for on-site billing.

Backup Disaster Recovery Solutions

Significant data loss can result in devastating setbacks, including security threats that could ruin your business. Our comprehensive backup disaster recovery solutions are designed to ward off these types of threats.

Network Monitoring

Targeting problems early on is crucial to prevent these issues from effecting your daily operations. Our team of IT professionals will continually evaluate your IT technology 24 hours a day, seven days a week and will swiftly report any problems found.

Virtual CIO

As IT professionals, we know how important it is for everyone to stay on the same page in regards to technology changes. This is why our IT consulting team will meet with your company quarterly to share information and discuss ways to better streamline your business processes.

Antivirus Protection

Our help desk services include access to the latest antivirus and malware protection programs. These enterprise level programs are effective at reducing malicious attacks for a more secure network.

Regular IT Maintenance

Your IT infrastructure requires routine maintenance to ensure that everything is running at peak efficiency. Our proactive approach to IT consists of regularly updating workstations to maintain a high level of protection.


We’re here to make your job easier and more efficient.