Project Management – Technical Consulting

Our experienced consultants have worked on a wide range of processors, devices, protocols, and interfaces.

Monifi Consulting Services

As a business, every project you take on is an investment. To ensure that you succeed in your endeavors, we offer project management and technical consulting services. Our strategic tools and processes are designed to give your business a competitive edge in your field. Our experienced consultants have worked on a wide range of processors, devices, protocols, and interfaces.

Tech Support

When you contact us about our project management or technical consulting services, we’ll listen to your ideas and concerns and do our best to respond with solutions that meet your unique needs. We pride ourselves in our ability to effectively manage people, analyze constructability, estimate costs, and maximize performance. We also do our best to discover problems before they develop to ensure that we stay on task and on schedule. We aim to make the right decisions for your company from the very start.


The ultimate success of any project depends on how well it is planned. Our team is proud to deliver our honed skills and ability to provide precision and accuracy with every project we choose to take on. We use a range of techniques and methods to meet every client’s unique needs to ensure satisfactory results. Learn more about our services by calling our office today.

Bill Management

Struggle with paying your bills on time? Our bill management solutions can help streamline the process by providing the tools necessary to manage your bills in a simplified and automated way.


Bandwidth is something that many business owners do not give much thought to. However, choosing the right materials to build your connection to the internet is key for effective phone and web usage. We offer the best materials including copper, fiber optics, and wireless connections.


Maintaining high-speed wifi is not an option, but a necessity in this day and age. Having the ability to quickly access the internet is crucial for your business’s productivity. Our IT team offers the resources needed to maintain the fastest commercial wifi systems with options such as captive portals.


Our project management services include a wide range of tasks, such as regular site reviews and managing or changing of orders. With a speedy internet connection and our ability to manage schedules, performance, costs, and other factors, you can rest easy knowing your project is in good hands.


How your data is handled is critical for a growing business. In the wrong hands, data can become compromised resulting in lost profits and possible lawsuits. We aim to keep your data safe and secure by providing you with the necessary tools for online security.

Tech Support

Having a qualified technical team standing by to take your calls is paramount in the long-run. Computers can crash at any moment, emails can stop working correctly, and web-enabled devices can suddenly having trouble connecting. When these types of situations occur, you want to have support staff ready to help you find a viable solution.


We’re here to make your job easier and more efficient.